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About Us

Masbina Technology Sdn Bhd has been established since 1986 in Johor Bahru, Johor Malaysia, specialized in the supply & installation of home and business burglar alarm (security) system, CCTV system, automatic gate and solar energy water system.  
Servicing the industry for more than 25 years, we are committed to customer’s satisfaction by focusing on customers’ needs, providing customized solution and ensuring the most cost effective and operation friendly solution to our customers. With our dedicated and experienced technical service team, we strive to be a complete and reliable security partner to our customers.
When you are squatting on the floor, your vision is limited.
When you are seating on a chair, you will have a general view of the image. 
But, when you stand on the table, you will be able to see more and clearly, further and bigger image of the object.
In Masbina Technology, our concept of CCTV installation will be based on the object point of view and certain the angle of projection. We not only install CCTV, we will assist our client to bring them higher in their expectation and further understanding of CCTV Surveillance System.

Our Mission

  • To enable more people to live in a safer environment.
  • To educate our customer the correct concept of security crisis.
  • To enhance and provide useful skills for the professionals to serve the society.


  • 让更多的人能够生活在更加安全的环境。
  • 灌输顾客对于危机意识的认识与正确的观念。
  • 培育优秀的技术人员以对社会有所贡献。

Our Vision

  • To provide more job opportunities.
  • To create greater platform for security professionals.
  • To provide affordable security products and safer living environment for the general public.


  • 提供非学术人士的就业机会。
  • 为社会打造一个更大的保安事业平台。
  • 提供大众负担得起的保安系统与安全的居住环境。
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